I’m Sophie I’m Nicolas

I studied
History, Sociology
and Journalism

I studied
and Visual Design

Sophie's skate
Nico's bike

Favorite Transports

I love this job because each day is different and challenging, requiring both analytical skills and creativity.

Hey, I agree with that!

It’s not only a job, it is an opportunity to design services to make everyday life, better, easier and more accessible

Improving people's life, that’s something I love to do too!


I’m glad I have worked with the University of Bordeaux

- a great responsive ecosystem, with a big IA challenge for the 3rd French university -

I’m proud to organize the Paris Web conferences since 2012

- A 3-day long event about Web Usability, Accessibility and Quality, featuring world class speakers -

Food and drinks

My biggest project has been to design a smart TV app for Technicolor

- UX strategy, user testing, interaction design, specifications -
I also worked with

Mine was designing a water supply app in collaboration with 10 other designers

- process, workshops, user testing, high fidelity prototype, specifications -
I also worked with

We built a transmedia concept about street golf and other initatives to reclaim public space.

I'm speaking about it here.

For this project, we designed an ecosystem which allows users to switch from a digital platform to social media, a mobile app and a real life event.

I'm speaking about it here.

I’m a 7-year experienced designer. I understand technical issues and I focus on consistency and overall experience.

Thinking from beginners to advanced users.

I’m a 7-year experienced designer too! I grew in the same technical environment and I focus on problem solving and service details.

Thinking about service design is indeed a key point!

Design: Nicolas Catherin and Sophie Taboni / JS and Markup: STPo